SX12 Scanning Total Station

Features and Benefits

Save time, maximize efficiency and get more done in the field by capturing additional site information with scan data, images and point clouds.

Capture Once, Use Many Times

Capture more detail and document features you couldn’t before—never worry about field crews missing thingsever again.Point cloud and images can be used anytime to extract data that might have not been considered at the time of collection, saving time and avoiding unnecessary site visits.

Collect with Cameras

Four built-in, high quality cameras with huge zoom allow you to capture a range of imagery.

  • Capture reality with point clouds for accurate as-builts in inaccessible locations
  • Geo-reference images of the site to record conditions in real-time
  • Live site footage for real-time monitoring and quick decision making
  • Eliminate the need for a separate camera on site
  • Image scans of the same area on different dates allow users to visualize jobsite progress

Vivid, Eye-Safe Laser Pointer

The green laser pointer is exceptionally small, bright, and still eye safe—with auto focus functionality.

Capture Everything. Faster.

Get everything you need from a site and more in just minutes, saving you hours or days of surveying. With the additional site information from scan data, images and point clouds, you can avoid rework and costly site revisits.

A Robotic Total Station, and More

Achieve high accuracy and reliability for construction site positioning, stakeout and measurement without the need for a separate device onsite. This powerful combination of high accuracy surveying and 26,600 points-per-second 3D scanning is a game changer.

Reach the Inaccessible

Rapidly collect millions of points and dozens of photos to effectively capture reality for accurate as-builts in inaccessible locations. A great option for safer surveying and avoiding the hassle and time involved in gathering data from dangerous or difficult to reach locations.


Man behind the SX12

With the SX12 you can:

  • Collect millions of points for a 360 degree point cloud
  • Control land topographic collection/measurements during site surveying
  • Document every visible feature on a project, reducing costly site visits
  • Check grade for inspection and monitoring
  • Safely and efficiently scan road corridors and intersection details such as roadway surfaces, overhead power lines and lane markings
  • Safely gather accurate survey data in trenches, on cliffs, near moving equipment, and in other hazardous areas without putting a surveyor in danger
  • Capture rich, accurate and complete geometrical and visual documentation of as-builts

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